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Substantial research shows that prostate cancer related sexual dysfunction in men can generate a serious emotional and psychological toll on wives and partners.

It is not uncommon for wives and partners to experience significant feelings of anger, hurt, fear and helplessness.

Quote1After prostate cancer treatment, it is common for many men to stop initiating lovemaking. It is also common for wives and partners to experience feelings of anger, hurt and helplessness.

sad wifeThis in turn can lead to declines in levels of relationship intimacy. Some men will develop a belief that they are no longer capable 'performing' sexually and consider the initiation of any type of sexual contact to be futile, and avoided. Engaging in sexual activities can remind them of their 'lack of manliness', often increasing levels of distress and/or depression over the loss of erection. 

Some men report that the added embarrassment and humiliation that occurs as a result of urinary and bowel incontinence during sex will often provide further motivation to avoid intimate contact.

Decreases in levels of sexual activity are often associated with declines in the expression of nonsexual affection. Reductions in intimate contact frequency and intensity were found to lead to increased levels of relationship conflict and frustration. 


Speaking with a skilled sex-psychologist can help you resolve many of your emotional, sexual and psychological issues. Once such frustrations are out the way, chances are that you will be better placed to support your man's recovery, which in turn will support your own.

ww2If you or your partner are having relationship issues or difficulties in adjusting psychologically and or sexually, our sex and relationship counselling service can help you:

  • With coping and stress management strategies aimed specifically at partner adjustment following prostate cancer treatment. We can also assist if either one you are experiencing symptoms of grief, depression and or anger.
  • Regain intimacy between you and your partner. We can help you both to open up channels of relationship and sexual communication. Communicating openly your fears and concerns, and in adapting towards what is inevitably will become a new intimate and loving sexual dynamic.
  • Knowing what your next steps should be when treatments for erection problems fail to work to plan.
  • Learning how to incorporate treatments for erectile dysfunction within a sexual environment.
  • Developing new techniques and strategies that take the focus off erections and will allow you both to find new ways of giving and receiving sexual and non-sexual pleasure and in enhancing levels of relationship intimacy.
  • Finding specialist treatment providers that focus primarily on helping people resolve emotional and sexual challenges.

To make an appointment:

To make an appointment or to speak directly to one of the The ManFocus Clinic sexual health professionals about sex after prostate cancer, treatments for erectile problems or any other sexual or relationship matter:

Telephone Sydney: (02) 9262 9992 Monday to Friday during office hours or

Please note that a doctor's referral is not necessary in order to make an appointment.



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Patrick Lumbroso, Penile Vibration Therapy for penile rehabilitation following prostate cancer treatment
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