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Some men and women find it easier (and more convenient) being able to talk about their sexual problems to a therapist either over the telephone or online via Skype.

Online sexual and psychological therapy is the provision of counselling or psychology services by a trained psychologist or sex therapist, over the internet and/or telephone. Services can be provided by any combination of regular telephone conversation, Skype face to face (or voice to voice) communications and via online chat.

Online therapy allows those who (for a number of many reasons) are unable or find it impractical to get physical access to psychological services.

Emotionally speaking, many find it easier to talk about sexual issues either over the telephone or when using Skype.

Often men will fail to seek help for their problems for their sexual problems because they may feel shame or guilt. For decades, many men have been raised to believe men that need psychological support and advice are weak or abnormal. Fortunately, this stigma has been reduced in recent years, with many famous and successful people personalities and business leaders sharing their own battles with depression in the public forum.

Research has shown that men with sexual problems (as well as other problems such as depression) often will find it easier to "open up" online than they will in traditional face-to-face therapy. By allowing men to open up more freely they are also more likely to progress through their treatment at a faster pace.

Living in remote communities

Online sexual counselling can also be extremely convenient for couples living in remote communities where registered psychologists and sex therapists are in very low supply or located in areas that are great distances away.

By working with a qualified psychologist face to face, and online, couples are no longer bound by the limits of geography, or time zone. They can access a therapy in another state or even in another country.

This service is therefore perfect for those living outside of Sydney, and or in remote and regional locations, as well as executives that are required to live and travel to different locations overseas.

What equipment will I need to receive online treatment ?

These days online video equipment comes standard with many laptop computers and headsets and microphones may be purchased inexpensively from most computer stores. The majority of online psychologists we work with use Skype video conferencing software. Skype software can be downloaded for free from This means that people with a wide variety of disabilities can effectively use their computers to access online therapy easily and with minimal expense.

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Alternatively, some couples may choose to receive telephone counselling services. Either preference has been shown to be highly effective in helping couples overcome issues relating to sexual problems following prostate cancer treatment.

Whatever method you choose, rest assured that your privacy will always be protected.

If you are interested in learning more about our online counselling services,
please call our offices on (02) 9262 9992 and ask to speak to one of our online sexual health professionals.

To make an appointment:

To make an appointment or to speak directly to one of the The ManFocus Clinic sexual health professionals about sex after prostate cancer, treatments for erectile problems or any other sexual or relationship matter:

Telephone Sydney: (02) 9262 9992 Monday to Friday during office hours or

Please note that a doctor's referral is not necessary in order to make an appointment.


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